Hello Shanghai

The city had a very European vibe, but I fell in love with the dumplings. Unfortunately our visit coincided with indigestion (the more than just unpleasant kind).

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Mango pop madness

Made this baby a couple of weekends ago while it was still Summer in Sydney. Amazing how quickly time has passed - I can't believe it's already March!

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Hong Kong highlights

Victoria Peak and Lantau Island

What I'll remember the most about my trip to Hong Kong this year is the copious amounts of eating and shopping. Left this city with a large hole in my wallet, satisfaction in the form of material possessions and a burning desire to come back and actually live in this city. Only had a few of days in this town but I loved every second, especially Lantau Island. One day I'll come back and explore you in detail.


Melbourne Cup Day Planning

Melbourne Cup Day Planning

Forever New jumpsuit / Christian Louboutin black pumps / Marc by Marc Jacobs watch / Whiteley fascinator / MAC lipstick

Spring is finally here! Well... it has been here for the last month but it has been a while since I've ventured outside. Anyway, this means it is Spring racing season, and best of all, Melbourne Cup day! I never really understood what the fuss was all about until I had my first Cup day experience last year. I think the key enjoyment of the day was appearing at work, and not actually having to do any work. And let's not forget the mid-morning champagne.

While there were a few too many champagnes had, (resulting in the most devastating end to a pair of my favourite suede heels), the next day I was still fresh as a daisy because as it turns out, midday drinking = no hangovers. I can't promise that I won't ruin another pair of shoes, but I am determined to look glam as fuck, because who doesn't love an occasion to dress up? In an ideal world, i.e. one where I have supermodel legs and a disposable income, the above is what I would wear. Not exactly a conventional race day outfit but lately I've been really digging anything and everything that is black. What have you guys got planned for Melbourne Cup?



The final episode of Breaking Bad has left me in somewhat of an emotional haze. I feel resolved, yet devastated knowing that the stories of all the characters I have grown to love (and hate) have come to an end.

I'm definitely pleased with the conclusion of the series. In all the right places, my mind has been put to rest - Walt's redemption, Jesse's freedom, and the death of all those who had it coming. Still, I am left pondering Walt's motives and intentions on his last day in Albuquerque (i.e. did he set out to save Jesse or kill him?) and will likely continue to for a long while. I suppose this is what differentiates the best of television from the rest, and I'll be mourning the end of this show until the next thing comes around.

In the meantime, I'll be comforting myself this big ol' bag of crystal meth.